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The SilverHawk Gateway sits in between your system administrators and OT technology to broker authentication, network access to ensure authorization and logging of all actions. It was built to tackle the problem of OT / IT assets that are left out of third-party vendor's unified platforms.

Administrators log in to the SilverHawk Gateway, using Multi-Factor Authentication, to view the inventory of devices they are able to access. Engineers & administrators never have access to device credentials or the network.

SilverHawk brokers all authentication requests to embedded HTTP web apps, SSH & Remote Desktop.

SilverHawk also integrates a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to ensure that inherently insecure, legacy devices are further protected when being accessed.

Most industrial OT environments comprise of technology from a wide number of vendors. SilverHawk is the first solution to offer a unified gateway through which any device can be managed.

Network switches, access points, CCTV cameras as well as industry specific technologies such as passenger counters, Train Control & Management System (TCMS), Driver Advisory Systems (DAS).



Audit Logs

All device activity is logged including authentication, device interactions and configuration changes.


The SilverHawk Gateway only requires network access in order to provide Privileged Access Management to your OT devices


All device credentials are stored in an encrypted vault.


Credentials are retrieved by SilverHawk and passed on to the device


Common functions such as device backup, firmware update & password cycling can be automated across the estate


SilverHawk logs in to the device on the user's behalf. 


Engineers never access the credentials or the network.

http cache

Visual design files such as CSS, JS & images are cached to make load times of remote device interfaces quicker



The gateway supports the majority of devices as it is built to be vendor agnostic

Tried and tested on Cisco, Panasonic, Moxa, HP for authentication & comms over:

Embedded HTTP Web Apps




Remote Desktop

Technical Director Sash Rigby, gives a short demo of some features of the SilverHawk Gateway




The FireFly sensor can be used to retrofit legacy fleets running older generations of OTMR/OTDR event recorders.

Train Event Recorders are comparable to black-boxes used within the aviation industry. They receive a constant feed of signals from every element used to operate the train, such as the engine, brakes, batteries & door systems.

Across the world, limited access to diagnostic data from legacy rail fleets leads to delays as engineering teams must physically access train units to examine data directly from the OTMR. Modern fleets offer the ability for live diagnosis of engine, mechanical and peripheral faults, and until now, previous generations of trains were left behind.

For the first time, Modux has developed the ability to stream live signals and download data from legacy OTMRs, including the Wabtec Q-TRON and the Arrowvale / Grinsty Units.

The solution was developed in partnership with UK TOCs in order to find a cost effective solution that can also be rapidly deployed, with minimal configuration.

Supported output formats include, but are not limited to:

  - MQTT, Kafka, ElasticSearch, JSON, protobuf, as well as CAF LeadMind

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