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Modux has a long history of developing software solutions to support research & industry. Take a browse through  some of our latest projects.

Online training game to help spread cyber security awareness throughout organisations maintaining critical national infrastructure

JavaScript, Angular, riot.js

Cyber Training & Awareness Game

Client: CPNI / NCSC

Rapid deployment and tear down of cloud infrastructure, including on-the-fly domain registration and SSL registration

Python, Ansible, Terraform

Rapid Automated Cloud Deployment 

Client: FinTech

An research experiment in partnership with University of Oxford in order to assess the ability to automatically identify inbound web attacks

Python, C, TensorFlow,

Machine Learning App Firewall


Predictive data simulation combined with a room management system, to provide building management staff the ability to effectively manage office work spaces.

C#, Unity

Building Usage Prediction

Client: Zurich

A collection of Internet bots designed to gather and identify organisational assets on the Internet.

Python, RabbitMQ,  react.js

Automated Asset Discovery

Client: Telecoms

Training and workshop computer labs for training software developers, security consultants and technical staff penetration testing and security assessments.

Python, Ruby on Rails, Docker

Cyber Security Training Labs

Client: Finance