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Privileged access management for operational technology (OT) including embedded HTTP web applications, SSH, and Remote Desktop.

Secure remote management of devices with Multi-Factor authentication, secure password vaults & brokered authentication


Secure Access Gateway for Operational Technology

add asset discovery, logging
and secure authentication to your OT IoT estate


Centralise authentication for all devices including outliers that aren't backed by
remote authentication like

Active Directory or RADIUS

Provide instant access to legacy embedded device applications, file transfer and remote management protocols


Rapid privileged remote access to OT equipment. Add in-depth logging, multi-factor authentication and attack detection to equipment that is insecure out the box.

Remove the requirement for network access and provide granular access to single devices or groups based on
maintainence time-windows


Centralised Zero Configuration authentication for 1000s embedded devices


The Silverhawk Gateway sits in between your system administrators and OT technology to broker authentication, network access to ensure authorization and logging of all actions. It was built to tackle the problem of OT / IT assets that are left out of third-party vendor's unified platforms.

Administrators log in to the Silverhawk Gateway, using Multi-Factor Authentication, to view the inventory of devices they are able to access. Engineers & administrators never have access to device credentials or the network.



Most industrial OT environments comprise of technology from a wide number of vendors. Silverhawk is the first solution to offer a unified gateway through which embedded applications can be managed.

Network switches, access points, CCTV cameras as well as industry specific technologies including ICS, SCADA and IoT sensors.




All device credentials are stored in an

encrypted password vault, engineers cannot access authentication secrets.


Credentials are used by Silverhawk and passed on to the device during authentication.

The authenticated session is passed onto the user's browser


Through efficient scanning, the platform automatically compiles an accurate inventory of connected devices, streamlining network monitoring and management.


This straightforward yet effective solution ensures organizations maintain an updated asset list for improved control and optimization of industrial processes.

Privileged access

Remove direct network access and give permissions based on teams and times.


Silverhawk controls all authentication to devices across the network, access is provided only to those who need it.


Engineers never access the credentials or the network, only authenticated access to management applications.

http cache

For slow embedded applications out in the field, we cache CSS, JS & images to speed up load times of interfaces on devices remote areas

Audit Logs

All device activity is logged including authentication, device interactions and configuration changes.

The Silverhawk OT Gateway only requires network access in order to provide Privileged Access Management to your equipment

Network routes through VPN and jump hosts can be spun up instantly when connecting to remote devices


The gateway supports the majority of devices as it is built to be vendor agnostic

Tried and tested on devices including Cisco, Panasonic, Moxa, HP and GE for authentication & comms over:

Embedded HTTP Web Apps



Remote Desktop



Watch a short demo of some of features of the Silverhawk Gateway

Case Study

Read our story of how we centralised management of Northern Rail's on-board train equipment, improving security and speeding up maintenance.

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