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Automated USV

Global Defence Contractor

Automation is the future of transport, the Royal Navy are embracing it to optimise their operations across research and support vessels.

Modux prides itself on offering highly tailored technological consultancy into industries that are embracing emerging technologies. 

Modux won a bid to perform an ITHC (IT Health CHECK) against a new unmanned surface vessel (USV). The technology used on the vessel was a unique integration of COTS communication equipment, vehicular control systems such as CANBUS, NMEA2K as well as made to order parts.

Modux were tasked with planning and delivering the Health CHECK to encompass the critical elements of the vessel including the automated vehicular controls, encrypted UHF radio links, and data storage.  In order for a security assessment in representative conditions, all testing was performed with the vessel in open water, which presented further logistcal challenges, least of all keeping test equipment dry.



As well as standard ITHC assessments of onboard computers and networks, the team performed indepth testing of GPS systems, radio communications and vehicular automation systems to assess the risk for hijack, data theft and operational disruption.

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