We focus on a number of core competencies across cyber security including; cyber intelligence & analytics, penetration testing and training.

Penetration Testing

With our roots in the Big 4 and CESG services our penetration testing experts are skilled in assessing applications and networks for security weaknesses.

Built on a strong history of delivering CESG services our penetration testing team are experts in assessing products and services for security weaknesses. We pride ourselves in writing business friendly reports with clear advise on how to mitigate

Red Teaming

Modux have performed red-team assessments against the security of some of the world’s largest enterprises.

Our red team are amongst the best in the world, with a vast amount of knowledge and experience gained performing red team exercises internationally for FSTE 100 companies. We use both publicly available tools, and in house developed tools to perform the red team, simulating the methods used by both external attackers and malicious insiders.

Through-out the exercise, we will work with your NOC/SOC teams to understand which attacks were identified, and which went under the radar. We record the data from the entire exercise, and using our experience with SOC monitoring platforms, we can advise on the rules and alerts that would have detected our activity, and help to identify gaps in the current systems.

Often referred to as red-teaming or war-gaming; realistic enterprise simulations cover broad areas of the organisation. Designed to discover entry points and security weaknesses that can be compounded to leverage control,

Modux consultants have assessed the security of some of the world’s largest enterprises. Each assessment begins with intelligence gathering at an enterprise, network and personnel level to assess the potential attack surface and possible entry points. Analysis of the information gathered results in a defined scope, from which focussed exercises can begin., assess web sites and begin low level enumeration of network infrastructure.

Finding routes into systems and networks, and escalating privileges overtime, the assessments are designed to demonstrate the true resilience of the organisations networks to attack and data exfiltration.

Threat Intelligence

Your network and the Internet is a rich source of information, Modux know how to best use this information to analyse and convert it into actionable data.

Training & Workshops

We provide training for teams working in both private & public sector. Courses are available for groups of all sizes and are tailored around specific business areas in order to help your staff understand the security concepts relevant to your business.

Beginner Courses

Introduction to infrastructure Penetration Testing

OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)

Intermediate Courses

Web Application Penetration Testing

Incident Response